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Cornerstone Asset Metals is a business for buying, selling, and trading gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Cornerstone Asset Metals (CAM) works hard to make sure that you are satisfied with all of your orders, reimbursed if anything goes wrong, and are content with what you ordered. CAM will also deliver your metals to any location or store it in a depository. CAM has spectacular security.  When you order your metals, they either store all of your purchased metals inside of an independent depository, or deliver it straight to you immediately. The delivery and storage does not depend on who you are financially or individually.

Terry Sacka talking on the Wealth Transfer Show
Terry Sacka talking on the Wealth Transfer Show

Cornerstone Asset Metals

When you purchase your metals, you only pay for the metals.  That means that no other fees apply.  In the game rock, paper, scissors, paper beats rock.  That is the exact opposite here.  Gold and Silver always beat the value of the dollar bill, so when you purchase metals you help yourself if another dollar crisis happens.

When you invest in a metal, you have options on what you want to do with them.  You have the option of buying the metals and storing it in a depository.  You have another option to have it shipped straight to where you wish to store it yourself.

When you want to sell a metal that you have, all you have to do is ship it.  Cornerstone Asset Metals accepts many items, for example gold, or silver (in bar or bullion).  CAM gives you up to $25,000 per box!  The metals remain under your ownership until sold.  If you want to not put it up for sale anymore, just contact CAM and they will send it straight back.

Ever since the beginning of time, gold and silver have been the means of currency.  Sometimes, they still are today!  Cornerstone Asset Metals takes advantage of that and instead of charging extra for their services and being full of greed towards their customers, they truly wish to help others in their financial situation.  They use gold and silver, whether in bars or bullion, to help them stay protected from any crisis.

The dollar is losing value every day.  Prices are rising inside the markets and stores.  Meanwhile, the value of gold and silver is steadily increasing.  In a game paper may beat rock, but in reality, rock beats paper.  Cornerstone Asset Metals realizes this and tries their best to make you satisfied and happy, no matter how or who the customer is.

Terry Sacka (see image in top right of document), is the owner of Cornerstone Asset Metals, also has a show called, The Wealth Transfer News (link at bottom of document).  In this show, they combine God’s plan, with our wealth and economics, to combine and talk about God’s plan for our financial future. If you want to learn more about Terry Sacka, check out some of the interviews that he does with Trunews:


Wealth Transfer News Show:




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