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Work today in video games goes beyond the development of cultural products for entertainment and leisure. The game developer is presented as a professional able to provide creative solutions for sectors as diverse as health, education, architecture or engineering.

The University Degree in Design and Game Development ESNE born with the fundamental premise of training professionals to contribute to the growth of the sector. Therefore, students from ESNE start from day to acquire and apply the know-how of the computer and art design tools , to be able to carry out all kinds of applications for computers, mobile devices, consoles or Internet , both within the scope of the game and outside it, thus multiplying the possible job opportunities.

The experience and track record of ESNE has the endorsement of the industry that works closely (Sony, Microsoft or Electronic Arts , are some of the companies in which our students work), and an explicit recognition, embodied in the procurement by of our students of prestigious awards such as the Sony PlayStation Awards or the Laus Awards.

Studying College Degree in Design and Game Development in ESNE is the first step to introduce the student in an expanding sector with a high rate of employability.

The video game industry is the main leisure segment exceeding the figures of music, film, and fitness industry.

According to the report prestigious Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2012-2016 , prepared by the consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers , the video game market will grow worldwide, providing billing volumes 1 00.000 billion in 2016.

A curriculum revised and updated each year, teaching team consisting of experts and working professionals, practices in the most important companies in the sector and class work posed to become commercial projects, from a student who just mastering the tools more leading the market with a portfolio of real projects , and have different builds up in your work experiences. In short, the professional industry needs.

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Fernando Ortega Director of the Official Degree of Design and Game Development

He graduated in Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Digital Marketing at the School of Business Innovation and IEBS Entrepreneurs, is responsible for the management of the Official Degree in Design and Game Development, a job he combines with teaching practice teaching the subject Videogame Marketing. In addition, he directs the Master in Business Management and Production of Digital Video Content, title part of the offer graduate ESNE. 

Two companies active in the gaming industry, is a clear example of the entrepreneurial spirit that conveys our school. In this sense, he is CEO of MadeinSpain Games, the largest platform to support the community of independent developers of Spain; also runs the company Game Boosters, publisher and international gaming incubator based in Madrid and Bristol that supports development studies related to corporate training, funding and promotion of their projects tasks.Thus, it becomes expert in the fields of Marketing and Communication for game studios, specialist Location, Publication video game internationally and management of national and international events.

Diet And Fitness Video Game

Is it possible to make a great video game on diet and fitness?


We have struggled with this question with our development team for some time. One of the altruistic things we want to do is create a game that really encourages a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most nerds and geeks you know, our team is made up of people who are committed to the gym and people who are committed to that healthy lifestyle. It would make sense that we want to make a game that is as entertaining as Grand Theft Auto that would also convince people to put down the controller. It is these types of things that we are able to do because we are self-funded.


The only way we know how to get people obsessed about whatever game we put out is to connect them with other people to play and get them surrounded with other who have the same interests. If you join a CrossFit gym, for example, you will have tremendous social pressure to perform. That is why we need to grab a hold of that social pressure concept for this game. One of our ideas was implementing a CrossFit diet and a Crossfit plan during the game in order to get others to see how accountable you were to the specific plan. Each person would get a customized plan for themselves and it would also be integrated into wodify.

Wodify is a communal tracking system for all of the athletes within a gym. This would be very easy to develop since it is easily integrated with the cloud. The early development stages will be difficult but we are planning on consulting with a Crossfit “Box”. If this is something we decide to do, we will want to take volunteers in order to do some 3D rendering and also get some fit people to take the place of the player on the screen. If you are willing to do this, you can contact us or call us. On our about page we also have a form you can fill out. Thanks and game on!!

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